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Streamlining Your Company

3 Tips To Create A More Personal Grave Stone Memorial

by Elmer Johnson

A grave marker is more than just a stone to help family find their loved ones, it also tells a small part of the life story of the person it is marking. When choosing a gravestone, either for yourself or someone near and dear to you, follow these tips to ensure the marker gives the person memorialized justice.

Tip #1: Size Matters

A visitor to a cemetery may make some assumptions based upon the memorial size due to human nature. Generally, large stones are considered more impressive, so the owner of such a stone is considered to be more impressive or important. Small stones seem small and diminutive, thus making one think of someone meek, quiet, or young. When selecting a stone, choose a size that matches the personality of the one memorialized. You can then use further elements to tell more of their story.

Tip #2: Consider the Imagery

Statues have long been a staple of grave stones. A small cherub brings to mind a child cut down before their time, while an angel may weep over the grave of a mother. Military memorial images let one know that a fallen soldier lies beneath the grass. While these symbols are traditional, you can also add statues and engraved images to better fit the person. A quill pen for a writer, a bass breaching for a fisherman, or knitting needles for a creator. Sometimes pictures speak much more than words.

Tip #3: Skip Generic Descriptions

A generic stone typically only has the owner's name, birth and death date, and perhaps an ode to a role they played in life, such as "devoted father." A few phrases can go a long way toward sharing more about the person. Popular options are favorite bible verses or spiritual sayings, followed closely by famous quotes from history. You can also use favorite quotes originally spoken by the person memorialized – no need for them to be famous. Inside jokes, accomplishments, or anything else that captures the personality of the person in just a few words can be a fitting choice for a grave stone.

A grave stone memorial is a highly personal item, so it is important to personalize it to the person and their family within the design rules set forth by the cemetery. Talk to a memorial retailer or manufacturer for more help on designing a unique memorial that captures the personality of your loved one.

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