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Streamlining Your Company

Flea Market Flippers And Storage

by Elmer Johnson

If you are a collector who takes part in selling your items at flea markets or antique fairs, part of the allure might be not having to deal with a brick and mortar shop. On the other hand, this might not leave much room for your things in your home. If your collections of items for sale has outgrown your garage or extra bedroom, it might be time to rent out a storage unit. Here are four reasons a storage facility might be a great fit if you moonlight as a flea market seller.

1. Inadvertent Smells or Pests

Sometimes buying and selling antiques can bring with it unsavory surprises. If you end up with a termite-infested mantle or an old loveseat that might be smellier than you realized, you can quickly deal with the problem if this is limited to a storage unit. The good thing about containing questionable items to storage is the fact that your home and household items won't be on the hook for damages or problems.

2. Good for Small Business Purposes

If your flea market hobby is transitioning into more of a business, this can be better facilitated if you rent a storage unit for your inventory. Storage unit costs can be a tax write-off as a part of your business and can be clearly documented. Your items can also be insured separately from your home's insurance items, with their own separate valuation in case anything ever happened.

3. Easier Loading and Unloading

If you are hauling your items to different fairs and flea markets on the weekends, it might take too much time to haul everything out of your garage or shed. Especially if your items are furnishings or larger, having a loading dock or access to dollies or liftgates can save your strength for selling. Seek out storage facilities with easier loading options to help.

4. More Central Location

Depending on the flea markets you frequent, these might be far from your home. If you can land a storage space that is nearby where you buy and sell your items, your business base will be easier to access. You will have less risk of damaging items in transport to and from flea markets and put less wear and tear on your vehicle as well.

Having a storage space, like Belmont Self Storage, for your flea market items can make your weekends more efficient, keep you focused on selling, and will keep your personal space out of it. If your spouse isn't on board with clutter around the home, having a secured storage space away from the home is a great way to manage your hobbies and business endeavors as well.