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Streamlining Your Company

Get Help With Finding A Missing Loved One: 3 Essential Steps To Take

by Elmer Johnson

If your loved one has recently gone missing, you may feel extremely concerned and want to know where this person is at the moment. There is a chance you have not heard from your loved one in days, even though he or she may normally communicate with you daily. If you are not sure what is going on, there are a few different steps you can start to take in an attempt to find your loved one.

1. Contact Your Local Police Officers

If you have yet to hear from your loved, it is best to make a report at the local police station. If this person is underage, an Amber Alert will get sent out to people living in and around the area. The purpose of this alert is to inform the public that there is a child or teenager who is currently missing and possibly in some sort of danger. If your loved one is over the age of 18, the police officers may advise you that the individual has the right to disappear without telling anyone any additional information. Even so, you can attempt to file a missing persons report.

2. Hire a Private Detective

Did you know a private detective may be able to find additional information about this person's whereabouts? When you hire a private detective, he or she will look into obtaining surveillance footage from different places in the area where your loved one was last seen. For example, he or she may have been last seen leaving work or leaving the home. Some people may have cameras attached to their properties and there may be different stores and establishments that have surveillance cameras installed, too.

Aside from reviewing footage to try to get an idea of the last time they were caught on surveillance footage and the specific direction they were heading at that moment, a private detective can look into different tips you may have received about this person's whereabouts. There have been missing persons cases solved with the help of a private detective, so hiring one of these professionals may be something to look into right away. A company like ICU Investigations can provide more info.

3. Create a Social Media Page to Spread the Word

People in the area might not know that this person is missing. However, you can start spreading the word a lot faster by creating a social media page designed specifically to inform people that your loved one is missing. You can offer as many details as you have, such as the date and time when he or she was last seen, along with details on the clothes this person had on at that time. As people start sharing posts on their own personal accounts, you may start receiving helpful tips that ultimately lead you to the person you are concerned about.

If no one has heard from your loved one in quite some time, you may have serious concerns about where this person may be. The best way to take action is to speak to the local police, contact a private detective and even use social media to get help with the search from the public.