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Streamlining Your Company

Hire These Domestic Staffing Positions for the Busy Person in Your Life

by Elmer Johnson

When someone in your life is about to celebrate a birthday and you're brainstorming gift ideas, it's worthwhile to think not about what possessions the person may enjoy, but how you gift can be helpful. In the case of someone who is constantly busy, it's nice to think of a gift that will allow your friend or family member to relax and let someone else take care of the work. If you have the financial means, contacting a domestic staffing service can be the first step in a hugely memorable gift. You can arrange the short-term services of one of the following professionals who can lend a hand to make the person's life easier.

Personal Cook

Someone who leads a busy life might rarely have time to devote to cooking, which means that take-out food and prepared items from the grocery store can dominate his or her menu. There are few things as satisfying as a home-cooked meal, so consider hiring a personal cook from the domestic staffing agency. An experienced cook will buy the necessary groceries, visit your friend or family member's home, and prepare a home-cooked meal while the person puts his or her feet up and relaxes in the evening.


Busy people may struggle to find time to adequately clean their homes, which can mean two things — their home is rarely as clean as they'd like it, and the lack of cleanliness leaves them feeling stressed and embarrassed. You can immediately help this situation by hiring a housekeeper from the domestic staffing agency. Whether you arrange for this person to visit only once, or hire him or her to visit weekly for a month, for example, this is a gift that your friend or family member will appreciate daily when he or she arrives home to a spotless house.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant from the domestic staffing agency can wear a wide range of hats, and all will help your friend or family member. Depending on their areas of expertise, personal assistants can help with tasks around the house, whether it's taking care of children for a couple hours after school or helping organize a disorganized kitchen or home office. Outside the house, a personal assistant can run errands for someone who runs his or her own business, buy groceries, take a vehicle to the shop for an appointment, and other similar tasks that will save your family member or friend time and effort.

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