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Streamlining Your Company

4 Tips for Caring for Commercial Grade Carpet in an Office

by Elmer Johnson

If you manage an office space, you are sure to want to keep the carpets looking clean and fresh. However, caring for commercial carpeting can be much more challenging than caring for residential carpeting since commercial carpeting tends to see a lot more foot traffic. Use the following tips for keeping the carpet in your office looking great:

Vacuum Frequently

Commercial carpeting needs regular vacuuming to help remove dust and debris. The areas that receive the most foot traffic should be vacuumed every few days. If your office uses a janitorial company to clean the space, make sure you talk to them to ensure that the carpet is regularly vacuumed. In the event that office cleaning is the responsibility of the office staff, create a vacuuming schedule so carpet does not become excessively dirty.

If your office has one or more area rugs placed over the commercial carpeting, don't forget to vacuum underneath them on a regular basis. While area rugs can help protect carpeting, the carpet still needs to be vacuumed in order to remove dust that can build up in the fibers.

Use Floor Mats

Floor mats can be very useful in a commercial setting. It is a good idea to place floor mats under every desk in the office. In addition to preventing grease, dirt, and other debris found on the soles of shoes from staining the carpet, floor mats can also prevent wear and tear from office furniture like desk chairs. 

Apply a Stain-Resistant Protector

When purchasing new commercial carpeting for an office, it is always a good idea to select carpet that has had a stain resistant protective coating applied. This type of coating can go a long way in preventing unsightly stains and discoloration. But it should be noted that a stain resistant coating will not last forever-- make sure you understand what type of carpeting you are buying and have the stain-resistant protective coating re-applied as needed.

Schedule Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Vacuuming and avoiding stains can help maintain your office's carpeting, but if you want it to last for many years it needs to be professionally cleaned. When hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company, make sure you select one that is experienced in cleaning commercial grade carpet. Since commercial grade carpet tends to be different than the type of carpet found in homes, it is best to avoid companies that mainly do residential carpet cleaning.