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Streamlining Your Company

Four Things To Know When Using Promotional Products

by Elmer Johnson

Promotional products are a common way to advertise a company's name, products, or services, and if you have never tried this marketing method, you should give it consideration. However, there are a few important things to know before you begin.

Always have your business information on the product

If you decide to offer a free gift with a certain purchase as a promotion, your promotional effort ends after the initial transaction. You need to make sure that the item has your company information on it—at least the name of your business and the logo. On many items, you may be able to squeeze in a phone number and a slogan.

Always give the item away to customers

Attempting to sell a promotional item is like making a person pay to advertise for you. The gift should always be free, and you should also focus on ways to give the item to your customers. This way it will serve as a token gift of customer loyalty. Customers may be more likely to use it, and when others ask about the gift, a customer can talk about your business or at least point to the business information on the item.

The gift should be useful and of good quality

The promotional item should be something that will likely be used by a person several times throughout the year. You want other people to have a chance to see your customer displaying or using it. One popular example of this is a calendar. The promotional item should also be of good quality. You don't want a customer using an item once and then throwing it in a drawer, never to use it again. You want your customer to get a lot of use out of it because this means more advertising for you.

Use an item that relates to your company

This is not always possible, but you should attempt to find an item that ties in with the product or services that your business offers. For example, if your business offers computer repair services, you may want to offer your customers a free flash drive. A locksmith may want to give away key chains, or a donut shop might give away an insulating mug for coffee.

Promotional products can be an important part of a business's overall marketing strategy, and if you have never engaged in this type of advertising, you should at least give it a chance. However, keep the ideas listed above in mind, and be patient. This type of promotion is a long-term strategy that will give your business and brand strength in the market.