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Streamlining Your Company

Starting Up An Art Print Business? 3 Things To Know About Building Your Brand

by Elmer Johnson

The starving artist concept is gone now that painters and illustrators have new ways to market their talent online. Whether you are an artist yourself or have a knack for picking out talent, an art print business is a great startup that provides you with a way to increase your income while adding beauty to the world. It is important, however, to remember that your target audience has taste. This means that you will need to make sure that your brand represents only the highest quality in every aspect of your business plan. As you get started, use these tips to build your brand so that your venture is profitable.

Create a Strong Web Presence

Having an effective online marketing strategy is an important way of raising awareness that your business exists, and you want to establish your company as a leader in the art print industry. Spend a few minutes thinking about what it is that makes your art print company unique. Do you focus on introducing undiscovered talent? Or perhaps your prints are centered on a certain theme. Either way, you want to make this clear on your website and incorporate it into your social media posts.

Use a Consistent Logo

Art customers are visually inspired, so your logo is an ideal place to start with your brand recognition. Have your logo professionally designed, and make sure that it works across all of your marketing platforms. Then, use it on your website, and incorporate it on to the large shipping cores that you use for your packaging. Remember that seeing your logo everywhere breeds familiarity that makes your company the first thought in your target audience's mind for finding quality art prints.

Carefully Develop Your Shipping Strategy

One mistake that many startup companies make is failing to think about their shipping strategy for when business takes off. Make sure that your art prints arrive in perfect condition by using large diameter cores that reduce the amount of curling that detracts from the print quality. Then, explore shipping plans to find the company that best fits your budget while still delivering your prints in a timely fashion.

Starting an art print business is exciting, and you are likely already experiencing the benefits of choosing to expand your horizons. By thinking about your business processes from the very first click on a print online to the satisfaction your customers receive when they open their shipping core and see their print, you will guarantee the successful interactions that drive your new business's growth. Talk to a shipping company for more information.