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Streamlining Your Company

Choose The Right Rosin Filters

by Elmer Johnson

If you are making rosin, you want to make sure that you making it as pure as possible. That means that you are going to want to use some kind of filter when you are working. Rosin press filters can help you with your purity level. When it comes time to start choosing filters, how are you going to choose the right one for you? 

Size Matters

This doesn't refer to the size of the filter you use, but the size of the very, very tiny holes in the filters. When you are pressing your material to turn into rosin, you want to be able to put the material into the filter bag, press it, and produce the rosin. The microscopic holes in the filter bags are what lets that happen. There are a variety of sizes of filters. They are measured by micron size. The lower the number, the smaller the holes, which means less of the material inside the filter bag gets through the filter. However, you are going to be at risk of a lower yield. You may have to do some experimenting with your material and various size filters to find the one that will work the best for you. 

Find Your Own Style

Just as there is a variety when it comes to the different micron sizes, there is also a variety of styles. The style you choose won't matter as much as the micron size. It's more a personal preference kind of thing. You are looking for one that will work well with your press and give you the best yield. There are filters that are basically two pieces of filter that you put your material in before you press it. When you are done, you can just peel them apart and dispose of the used material. You do have to be careful when you use this kind, because you may find material slipping out through the sides. You can also use filter bags that look like they are tea bags. They are completely enclosed, except for an opening at the top into which you place the material to be pressed. When you are done, you can either just toss the filter, or if you bought reusable ones, clean them out for reuse. 

If you are going to produce rosin, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment so that you get the best results and the best yield.