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Streamlining Your Company

How To Avoid Treating "Life Coach" As A Buzz Phrase

by Elmer Johnson

You hear a lot about "life coaching" these days. You may even be considering hiring a life coach, but do you know what to look for? Since anyone with a modicum of life experience can decide to become a life coach and call him/herself a life coach, you might want to check for credentials first. You also want to avoid treating "life coach" like a buzz phrase, and here is how.

Legitimate Life Coaches Have ACTP Coach Training

Even though life coaching is not a regulated and recognized business, many passionate life coaches are attempting to make it so. The legitimate life coaches take ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) training, which gives them full accreditation and acknowledgment of their career choice. They learn how to coach clients into making beneficial and helpful life decisions properly. Life coaches help redirect you when you become unemployed and do not know which jobs to apply for.

By only hiring ACTP coaches, you are legitimizing their careers. This means that life coaches and life coaching will earn respect, be recognized, and be validated as a career. Doing so stops others less qualified from making "life coach" a buzz phrase.

Hiring Accredited Life Coaches 

For the most part, many people are working as life coaches who are accredited and legit. If you find someone who is not accredited, ask if he/she is working toward accreditation. There are other programs out there that help life coaches become the best coaches they can be.

It is also a good idea to avoid anyone who does not have accreditation and is not seeking accreditation. It is a smart first step toward hiring a life coach when you avoid hiring a coach that has no intentions of becoming accredited or enrolling in the programs that will teach him/her how to coach you properly. You want someone with the knowledge and experience to help coach you.

If Life Coaching Is Not For You

The last and final way you can avoid treating "life coach" as a buzz phrase is to show the profession some respect. Established and accredited life coaches work long hours to help their clients. They have a real passion for helping people who feel lost and who feel as though their lives have been on the wrong track for too long. The success stories that come from life coaches show that the process works. 

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