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Streamlining Your Company

Creating Holiday Invites That Won't Spoil The Party

by Elmer Johnson

The perfect holiday bash begins with a great invitation. Guests are often very busy during this time of the season, and including the right details on your holiday invitations will leave a great impression and make their lives easier.

Let Guests Know If They Must RSVP

When you send an invitation, make sure to clarify if you will be requiring that those who receive the invite RSVP. That way, you can know how many people you can count on attending and you'll have a much easier time planning holiday festivities. Also, make sure to plan for extra guests in case there are some guests who show up unexpectedly. 

Don't Wait Too Long

Do not wait too long before sending invitations. Otherwise, you may have a lot fewer people showing up for your holiday festivities than you had hoped for. The sooner you send invites, the easier it is to change dates if there are conflicts. You could use one of several online services, but there is something more personal and charming about receiving an invite through snail mail. 

Make sure to include your home address, directions and the start and end times of the event. Also, make sure to include your mobile number. 

Include What to Bring and Not Bring

If there is anything guests need to bring or shouldn't bring, include this on the list. Do you want your guests to bring food? If not, make this clear so that you don't end up with more food than expected.

Mention Any Special Events

If there are going to be any special events, make sure to clarify this. For example, your guests might change what they wear of you intend to play games. There might be some guests who need to visit multiple parties and when certain event are scheduled at certain times, that might affect when they show up for the party and when they leave.

Sign Each Card

Always sign each card personally. This will show that you have given personal attention to each card. Also, make sure to write out the name of each person whom you will be sending the holiday invite to. 

Clarify Whether There Will Be Drinking

Make sure to clarify whether alcoholic drinks will be served and if there will be plans for getting friends and family members home safely. You may want a plan for friends and family members to spend the night at your home so they can drive home safely in the morning.

Always account for the fact that some of your guests will not follow the instructions on the invite, but don't make too much of a fuss about it. The last thing you want is to ruin holiday festivities because you have one uninvited guest.

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