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Streamlining Your Company

Rules To Keep In Mind When Applying Your Own Spray Foam

by Elmer Johnson

The great thing about insulation is that you can never add too much. Spray foam insulation will improve the efficiency of your home each time you add it. However, when you are adding spray foam insulation, there are still some mistakes you can make that you should be aware of. 

Don't Focus Too Much on the R-Value

Make sure to not focus only on the R-value. The R-value of your spray foam insulation determines how much it will insulate your home. However, there are some insulation options that might have a great R-value, but be weak in other areas. For example, one form of insulation might be ineffective against the intrusion of pests. Other concerns include:

  • Air intrusion
  • Moisture resistance
  • Mold formation

When you don't choose the right form of insulation, your home will be less comfortable and your home might also be more vulnerable.

Know What the Rate of Return Will Be

Make sure to understand the rate of monetary return with spray foam insulation. Some insulation can take 10 years to pay for itself, but insulation provides a better and more reliable rate of return than any other investment. 

Make Sure It's Not Cold

If you will be spraying the foam yourself, make sure that it does not come out cold. When the foam isn't warm, the hardener within the foam won't work properly and the foam will be spongier. This will reduce the R-value. The cylinder might feel warm, but you'll need to shake it because the center is often still cold. Once the cylinder feels warm throughout, you're ready.

If your home is in a cold climate, you'll want to use closed cell foam rather than open cell foam. With open cell foam, the porosity of the foam allows for cold air to seep in and make the foam more spongy. Closed cell foam not only doesn't have this problem, but is also able to resist moisture. 

Spray It Thickly and Uniformly

Apply the foam evenly throughout your home. The foam should completely fill the space found between the framing studs. If you fill in less than that, open cell foam will not be as effective at restricting air travel. Don't apply the foam thinly unless you have no other choice, such as if there is a small space between the studs. But with the right equipment, it's much easier to apply the spray foam in the correct manner.

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