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Streamlining Your Company

Going Before The Board: Prepping Your Office Building For A Shareholder Meeting

by Elmer Johnson

When a shareholder meeting is imminent, you want to make sure your building is in the best shape possible. This may mean hiring extra janitorial services to help every inch of your office building shine. Here are some considerations to take into account as you prep for this important meeting.

Window Cleaning

While the shareholders may not visit every room in the building, they will likely wan to tour some areas. Having clean windows can create a professional look throughout the building. Have your cleaning crew pay extra attention to those in the boardroom, executive offices, and lobby. Plan for this project to be completed the day before the shareholder meeting, as this means less chance of the windows becoming messy or dirty before the big day.

Floor Stripping And Polishing

Even if you have your floors mopped daily, they may be a little dingy and dull. Plan to have the floors stripped and polished the week of the meeting. Stripping the floors of layers of wax and grime can reveal their true beauty, and a good polish adds a perfect finishing touch. This project should be completed in the lobby, hallways, restrooms, and cafeteria to ensure every area your guests may plan to visit is ready for viewing.

Porter Services

On the day of the event, you may want to consider hiring extra janitorial staff. Porters stationed on each floor can handle restroom maintenance, sweeping, trash collection, and other various tasks that may need to be completed throughout the day Talk to your janitorial service to make sure that the porters are in uniform to help identify their role in the building. You may also want to schedule porters throughout the day in shifts just in case the meeting runs late. Have one porter available to service the conference room where the meeting will be held. He or she can remove trash and clean up tables after a working lunch or clean up a continental breakfast buffet as the morning meetings progress.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Having a clean parking lot can help make a great first impression for the shareholders. Partner with a landscaping company to maintain any trees or greenery on parking lot islands, and hire a cleaning service to sweep the parking lot thoroughly the day before the meeting. If the paint in your lot is old and faded, consider having the entire parking lot re-striped in advance.