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Streamlining Your Company

Choosing A Headstone Material

by Elmer Johnson

When you choose a custom headstone, be sure to put careful thought into is its material. Different materials not only have variations in durability, but also show off inscriptions and embellishments in different ways. The type and color of the headstone material can enhance or detract from your choice of inscription. Here is more information choosing the type of headstone based on your needs:

How Much Longevity Do You Need?

Your answer to this question may very well be "forever," and if that's the case then you should invest in durable materials like granite or metal. However, while these materials tend to resist weathering well, they may not provide the look that you desire. Some metals, like bronze, also change color as they age. Natural stone and marble can provide a unique appearance and the weathering adds a bit of character and interest to the memorial. However, you or your future relatives may need to replace this headstone at some point in the future.

What Kind of Inscription Do You Want?

Your inscription should reflect both your family's personal tastes as well as your loved one's desires. A classic, simple inscription looks wonderful on natural stone with a traditional shape and size. If you desire a full-blown memorial complete with a long inscription and a picture, then choose a harder material, such as granite, that isn't prone to changing color over time. Some dark stones carve with white letters and vice versa. Your gravestone designer can consult with you about what materials and colors reflect engravings and inscriptions best.

Where Will Your Headstone be Placed?

One of the most important things to know about choosing a headstone material is the burial site rules. Your choice of headstone material and inscriptions may be restricted. Some churchyards and cemeteries may have outright bans on certain headstone materials. This may be because of government codes, or just to create a certain consistency in their graveyard's appearance. This is especially true when it comes to government burial sites such as national military cemeteries. Consult the graveyard before determining the material and shape of your headstone.

Having a custom headstone created means that you can make your own personal memorial to your loved one. Therefore, it is important that you choose your headstone material carefully to meet your needs in terms of looks and longevity as well as your loved one's personality. When you are ready to have your headstone made, then a custom headstone company can help you create the memorial you desire.