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Streamlining Your Company

Is Your Company Hiring For A Critical Position? 4 Benefits Of Adding A Social Media Investigation To The Background Check

by Elmer Johnson

The people that your business hires make a difference in how well the company performs. While some positions only require the usual application and interview process, there are others where it is essential to be selective. Employees who hold critical positions must be capable of making decisions that uphold the values of your company. You also need to know that someone who presents a public face for your company can maintain a good reputation. Now that you are ready to hire an influential employee, consider these four benefits of adding a social media investigation to the usual background check.

Identify Possible Motivations for Them Wanting the Job

Understanding why someone wants the position gives you insight into how well they'll perform their duties along with how committed they may be to stay. For instance, someone who has a social media profile with posts that go way back describing their love for your company's industry is more likely to be committed to professional growth. However, someone who seems like they may just be trying out the position on a lark is less likely to stick things out if they get hard.

Check for Alignment Across All Channels

A prospective employee who has information that does not align is a huge red flag. A private investigation firm can double-check things such as whether or not the dates on a resume match up to what a person was doing at the time according to their social media profiles. This is an effective way to catch potential holes in a person's story about their educational or professional background. 

Determine if Their Personality Fits the Company Culture

Someone who works closely with you or other critical employees needs to be able to get along. Naturally, some personality differences are great for encouraging diversity in the workplace, but you also want to make sure that you don't bring in negativity. Private investigators can turn up social media posts that help you understand the potential new hire better. Reading through multiple negative posts or seeing that they actively live a party lifestyle when your company has more of a workhorse culture could help you make your decision.

Maintain Your Company's Reputation

One of the biggest reasons why a social media investigation is recommended is to protect a company's reputation from nefarious behavior from an employee. Once a negative post about your company is out there, it can quickly go viral and ruin years of hard work. An investigation that reveals that a person is unprofessional on their social media platforms is a warning sign that they could post negative, or even confidential information, that could destroy how potential customers view your company.