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Streamlining Your Company

3 Parts Of Your Church Property You May Want To Have Pressure Washed

by Elmer Johnson

You want your church building and grounds to be as attractive as possible for your members and to make a good impression on visitors. One way to restore your walkways and siding to a condition that looks clean as new is with pressure washing. Commercial pressure washing equipment can clean different building materials without causing damage because an experienced operator adjusts the pressure as needed. Here are three areas you may want to clean on your property.

1. The Walkways And Entry Area

A pressure washer does a great job on concrete. It lifts stains and dirt from the surface so the concrete is lighter and newer looking. If the entry to your church is where people gather to talk before and after services, the area probably gets more wear than walkways scattered around your property.

Plus, if the area has a roof over it, rain may never get a chance to clean the concrete. If the covered entry area is also used as a drive-through for dropping off passengers at the door, the concrete may also have oil stains and dirt ground in by tires. Pressure-washing the entry area could remove all the stains and give your property a fresh look. 

Pressure washing can also remove stains and grass growing through cracks in sidewalks. Since commercial pressure washing equipment is usually gas-operated, the washer can be used anywhere on your property, no matter how far away from the building a walkway is located.

2. The Church Siding

Whether your church building has brick, wood, vinyl, or metal siding, it can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The trick is to use the right pressure since wood can be damaged easily by pressure that's too high. Skill is needed for pressure washing, and that's one reason it's better to hire a commercial pressure washing service to do the work than let someone clean it with their private DIY equipment. This ensures there is no damage to the siding or the windows in your church.

Pressure washing cleans away dirt, pollution buildup, chalky residue, and stains so the siding is clean again. Plus, the stream of water can reach high enough to get rid of wasp nests and other debris that might be caught under the roof edges.

3. Playground Area

If your church has a playground area for young kids, parents will appreciate your keeping the area clean and sanitary. Pressure washing can be used on plastic slides, metal, and wood to remove grass stains, dirt, and stains from bird droppings. Even a wood fence around the playground can be pressure-washed to eliminate the gray patina and restore the fence to a younger and cleaner appearance.