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Streamlining Your Company

4 Types of Retail Display Systems to Consider Investing in for Your Beauty Shop

by Elmer Johnson

Whether you are just opening up your beauty shop for the first time or you are looking for a big change, investing in retail display systems is a great way to spruce things up and make sure that your products are well promoted. Here are a few different types of retail display systems to consider investing in for your beauty shop:

1. Gridwall Displays

This type of retail display system is typically set up against the wall, so it doesn't take up a lot of floor space. Gridwall shelves can be arranged in a variety of ways by simply hooking the wire shelves to the wire base on the wall in any design that you like. Some shelves can be set up to accommodate tall bottles of shampoo, while others can be set up closer together and accommodate smaller and shorter items such as nail polish and makeup.

This system can be customized whenever new inventory comes in to create a new look and feel for your beauty shop and get customers excited about the new products you bring in. And the wire shelves don't collect dust like other units might, which should make cleaning your beauty shop a breeze.

2. Pegboard Displays

A pegboard display can be attached to a wall or the back of another shelving system. Once installed, wire posts, straight hooks, and rounded hooks can be attached to the pegboard. Scissors, brushes, hair ribbons, and other hanging items can be displayed on the hooks and posts to create an engaging retail unit that will capture attention from customers when they walk through the front door.

3. Gondola Displays

If you're looking for a shelving system to set up in the middle of your beauty shop, a gondola display should meet your needs. This display type features a large base stand, a smooth middle wall, and removable shelves on either side of the wall. These displays can create isles within your beauty store to help direct the flow of traffic and keep your products organized so they're easy for customers to find.

4. Point-of-Purchase Displays

These small retail displays can be set right on your countertops near the cash register. The idea is to fill the displays with interesting products that will drive customers to make a last-minute purchase while they are waiting to check out. Items marked for sale, sample-sized products, and trendy options that are hot on the market should be displayed near your cash register, and point-of-purchase displays will make it easy to do.