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Streamlining Your Company

Two Tips For Toy Store Owners Who Want To Hire Someone To Play Santa Claus During The Holidays

by Elmer Johnson

If you're a toy store owner and would like to hire a man to be Santa Claus during the holidays, you should read and follow this advice.

Make sure you hire a real beard Santa

It is best to hire a real beard Santa to perform in your toy store. The reason for this is as follows; a man with a real, snowy-white beard will be a lot more convincing in his role as Santa than one wearing a fake beard made out of overly-shiny synthetic hair that is held in place by some cheap elastic. This matters, as children are more likely to have a magical, delightful time visiting Santa at your toy store if they believe that he is the 'real' one and will be more inclined to want to return to your store, instead of other toy stores, when their parents next offer to buy them some new toys. This could be great for your business. 

Furthermore, if the man you hire to play Santa has a real beard, there will be no chance of any silly and embarrassing fake-beard mishaps happening in your toy store. For example, you won't have to worry about young children pulling off Santa's beard or ripping out some of the synthetic hair, either of which could make the impersonator look slightly ridiculous. This is worth noting, as these mishaps, whilst comical, could not only ruin the magical atmosphere but could also make your attempt at organizing this festive event seem quite unprofessional.

Choose high-quality toys when picking the gifts that Santa will give to the children

If you plan to wrap up some of your store's toys and then give them to your hired Santa Claus so that he can hand them out to the children who visit him, you should try to pick high-quality toys. The reason for this is as follows; whilst giving out some of your store's more expensive products as free gifts might worry you, it could lead to a rise in your toy store's profits.

If, for example, when visiting Santa in your store, a child receives a small but beautifully-made porcelain doll, their parents who see them open this gift it will probably be extremely impressed not only by the quality of this toy but also by your generosity as a business owner. If this visit occurs before Christmas, they might decide to return to your store to buy some or all of their child's presents, in which case, they might end up purchasing a lot of toys from you. If several parents do this, you could make far more profit during the holidays than you had expected to.

If you'd like to hire a real beard Santa, reach out to a Santa for hire company near you.