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Streamlining Your Company

Consider Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings

by Elmer Johnson

Commercial buildings with flat roofs usually have rubber membranes, PVC, or foam roofing. If your building as a sloped roof, you have other options as well. You might put a foam or PVC roof on your building, but metal would be a much more attractive choice. Metal is an ideal roofing material for commercial buildings. Here are a few reasons why.

Metal Can Complement Your Building's Appearance

Metal commercial roofing is attractive. You can choose from standing seam or metal shingles. You can even choose metal roofing that's stamped to look like slate, asphalt, or shakes. Metal roofing also comes in many colors, so instead of choosing a roof for just its protective qualities, you can think about how a metal roof could make your building more attractive and appealing to your customers.

Metal Guards Against Natural Deterioration

A good thing about metal is that it lasts a long time and stands up to nature. Metal doesn't degrade due to UV radiation like some other commercial roofing materials; it resists fire and insect damage. Because it is so resistant to damage, metal doesn't usually need as many repairs as other types of roofing. Plus, a metal roof has a long-expected lifespan, so you won't have to put on a new roof very often, and maybe not for several decades.

Metal Doesn't Need a Lot of Care

You probably have a maintenance and inspection schedule that includes checking the roof of your building regularly. A metal roof needs to be checked just to make sure it has no damage, but you probably won't need to have much work done to the roof over the years. This could save you from having to call a roofer frequently, which can lead to savings over the life of your roof. You could almost have a metal roof installed and then forget about it, but of course, you want to watch for signs of trouble so you can fix leaks or rusty spots if they ever develop.

If you have a business that sells merchandise or services to the public, the appearance of your building is important. Metal could be an attractive choice for your roof while also providing years of protection for your building without the need for many roof repairs. Talk to a commercial roofing contractor about the suitability of metal for your commercial building. The initial cost is important, but you'll also want to factor in longevity and ongoing maintenance and repair costs.