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Streamlining Your Company

What To Know For Your First Helicopter Tour

by Elmer Johnson

A helicopter tour offers a unique vantage point of the city. You can take in all the sights from a new perspective while avoiding the crowds and traffic on city streets when participating in a helicopter tour.

For those who have never been on a helicopter, the thought of a helicopter tour can be intimidating. A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring your first helicopter tour experience is a positive one.

Dress Properly

The way that you dress will have an impact on your personal safety when participating in a helicopter tour. It's important that your attire on the day of your tour does not include any scarves, bandanas, hats, or loose jewelry.

The rotors on a helicopter can create a very powerful updraft. If you are wearing any items of clothing that can get caught in this updraft, you are putting yourself at risk of becoming entangled in the rotors.

Be sure that you check for any specific wardrobe restrictions when booking your helicopter tour.

Pack Light

In addition to wearing the right clothing, you need to pack light for your helicopter tour. It's best not to bring along any large bags or bulky jackets. Space is limited on the interior of a helicopter, so you may not have room to take these bulky items along with you during your tour.

Ask your tour company what to bring with you on the day of your scheduled tour. Most companies will require photo identification, and you may need to bring your credit card along to pay for the tour.

Only bring the items requested by the tour company to avoid overcrowding while in the helicopter.

Prevent Motion Sickness

Many people are surprised to find that they experience motion sickness while engaged in a helicopter tour. Even if you don't get sick while traveling in a car or airplane, you may find that the unique motion of a helicopter doesn't agree with your inner ear.

The last thing you want to do is limit the joy a helicopter tour offers with feelings of nausea. Take an over-the-counter medication designed to prevent motion sickness to ensure your helicopter tour is filled with only happy experiences.

A helicopter tour can be a great addition to any vacation. Prepare for your first helicopter tour by dressing appropriately, packing light, and taking precautions to prevent motion sickness before you board the helicopter.