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Streamlining Your Company

8 Tricks For Packing Up Your Kitchen

by Elmer Johnson

Packing up your kitchen can be tricky. Your kitchen is full of odd-shaped appliances, fragile items, and random knick-knacks. When it comes to packing up your kitchen, it helps to have some tricks up your sleeve.

Trick #1: Use the Space Inside Your Pots 

Your pots have a lot of space inside of them. You can use that space to store other items. Your spice collections should fit nicely inside of your pots. You can put down a towel to protect the pot's surface and then fill the pot up with spices. This will help you save space and will keep your spices safe during the moving process.

Trick #2: Wrap Up Your Toaster

Even if you attempt to clean your toaster and shake it out, there will probably be some crumbs leftover. Put your toaster inside of a plastic bag before packing it into a box with other items. This will keep crumbs from getting all over everything else in the box and help ensure that you don't get crumbs all over the place when you pull the toaster out. 

Trick #3: Secure Knives

If you have a lot of unsheathed knives, you will want to transport them in a manner that will ensure that no one gets cut during the packing and unpacking process. You can take your unsheathed knives and put them inside of a potholder, and then wrap a rubber band around the potholder to keep the knives secure and safe.

Trick #4: Pack All Liquids in a Separate Bin

For any liquid items, you have, like laundry detergent or hand soap, pack them inside of a secure plastic bin. That way, if the items leak, they will not soak through the cardboard box, creating a mess and potentially damaging other items. You can also take off the tops to each liquid item, put a plastic bag over the top, and screw the top back on. This should help prevent leaks as well.

Trick #5: Pad Your Glasses With Socks

Keep your glasses from breaking by using your socks! Put each piece of glassware inside of a sock. If the sock has extra length, push it inside of the glass. Socks are a great way to provide padding for each individual glass without using a bunch of bubble wrap. 

Trick #6: Plastic Wrap Your Utensils

If you have an organizer that you keep all your utensils in, you don't need to take your utensils out of the organizer. Just wrap some plastic wrap around the organizer a few times to keep all the utensils in place. When you unpack, you will have to unwrap the plastic and will not need to dig around to find your utensils. 

Trick #8: Effective Labeling

As you pack up your kitchen, be sure to label each box effectively. Besides writing what is inside of each box on the side of the box, you should also note if the box contains fragile items or is especially heavy. Write "Fragile" or "Extra Heavy" large on the box, in a color that will stand out, so that your movers know how to handle the box properly.

If you don't want to pack up your kitchen on your own, you can always hire your moving team to pack up your home, or you can hire them to pack up your kitchen. If you are pressed for time, this can be a great time saver. For more information about hiring local movers, contact a moving company.