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Streamlining Your Company

Three Seasonal Tips For Your Propane Fuel System

by Elmer Johnson

If you use propane for heating or to power appliances in the home, such as the stove, then making sure the tank and system are accessible and safe is a must. Seasonal issues can affect accessibility and safety, but these issues are avoidable if you know what they are and how to prevent them.

1. Keep Access Ways Clear

Your tank needs to be accessible no matter the season, especially if you use propane year-round and not just for winter heating. Accessibility is needed for both tank refills, as well as for regular maintenance and inspections.

Winter is the most challenging season. Walkways to the tank need to be shoveled and deiced regularly so your delivery service can access the tank for refilling. You will also need to make sure that the road and driveway are clear enough for the truck to pull up to your property. Mud can be an issue in spring, so be prepared to mulch wet areas to cut down on muck. In summer, grasses and landscaping should be kept trimmed so that plants don't impede tank access.

2. Watch for Overhead Dangers

Overhead issues can pose a danger to both the tank and to your delivery contractor when they are refilling the tank. Falling items can cause tank punctures, for example, or damage gauges or fill valves.

Winter is the highest risk period, especially if an overhang from the roof or a protective structure is over the tank. Sliding snow from the roof or falling icicles are more likely to injure a delivery contractor than the tank, although tank damage isn't impossible. Year-round risks can be posed by falling tree branches. Make sure to keep any overhanging plants properly pruned so that they don't pose a danger.

3. Don't Forget Vent Systems

Your propane-powered furnace and household appliances are equipped with a ventilation system. Failure to properly vent inside can lead to hazardous fumes in the home. If you don't know the location of the vents, your propane service or HVAC contractor can show you.

In winter, snow and ice can block vents, which leads to gas collecting in your home. Check the vents and clear them out frequently, especially following fresh snowfall. Leaves, animal nests, and other debris can cause blockages year-round, so always make sure the vents are clear.

Contact a propane gas delivery service if you need more help with scheduling or preparing for tank refills.