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Streamlining Your Company

FAQs About Deck Waterproofing

by Elmer Johnson

If you have a wooden deck, then you will need to have it waterproofed at least every few years. Waterproofing prevents the wood from absorbing water, which helps protect it against rot, mold, and even termites. If you recently had a wood deck built or if you are looking into waterproofing for the first time, then you likely have a few questions. Hopefully, you'll find the answers in this article.

How do you know when a deck needs to be waterproofed?

It's really hard to say how frequently a deck should be waterproofed. This depends on so many factors, including the type of wood your deck is made from and what the weather is like in your area. Some decks need to be waterproofed yearly. Others can go up to five years between treatments. The most useful approach is to keep an eye on your deck and arrange to have it waterproofed once any of the following are true:

  • Water no longer beads up when it lands on the deck surface
  • The wood has begun to look really dull and rough
  • You can see patches where the waterproofing agent has worn away

Why is professional waterproofing worth the price?

It generally does cost more to have your deck professionally waterproofed than to brush on a layer of waterproofing yourself. However, there are a few reasons why it's worth paying for professional work if you can afford to do so. Professionals generally spray the waterproofer on, rather than brushing it. This results in a more even application that should stick around for longer and offer better protection. Professional waterproofers are also very informed about the different waterproofing solutions that are available. They know which ones work best, and they'll use one that's well suited to your particular climate and type of wood.

How do you prepare for professional waterproofing?

Preparing for this service is pretty simple! You first need to move everything off your deck. If your deck is really dirty, consider power washing it. Some deck waterproofing services also offer power washing, but you'll need to let them know in advance whether your deck will need this. If possible, try to power wash your deck at least two to three days before it is waterproofed so that it has time to dry in between.

Having your deck waterproofed is a great way to extend its life. Get an estimate from a deck waterproofing company near you, and go from there.