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There aren't many things that make me mad, but when it comes to running a company, few things are more frustrating to me than lazy employees. A few months ago I started keeping closer tabs on my workers, and it became immediately clear that there were some team members that didn't care at all about things like productivity, saving money, and doing the right thing. I wanted to do something to correct the situation, so I started honing our processes, holding more team meetings, and perfecting the processes. This blog is all about streamlining your company and making things right.



Streamlining Your Company

Web Design and Development Tips To Improve Your Bounce Rate

by Elmer Johnson

If you are receiving traffic to your website but those visitors are not turning into customers, then you may be having problems with your bounce rate. When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, one of the most important components is your website. If your bounce rate is poor, then the rest of your marketing efforts will essentially amount to nothing. Keep reading to learn a few web design and development tips that you can put to use that can help to improve your bounce rate.

Declutter Your Website to Speed Up the Site Load Time

The first thing you need to think about is increasing the load time for your website. If a website is not loading fast enough, you are not going to stick around to find out what that site has to offer. In many cases, especially in today's fast-driven world, people often click off of a website after waiting for just a few seconds. The rule of thumb is to ensure your website is able to load up completely within three seconds. If yours can't do this, you are likely losing customers. A couple of things that you can do to increase the load time include removing unnecessary plug-ins, truncate image files, and use a quality web host.

Utilize Colors Effectively

If someone cannot see something, then they obviously cannot read it. If someone can barely see something, then they aren't going to make an attempt at reading it. Instead, they'll click off of your website and go to someone else's that is easier to read. While it is completely fine to use color, it is important that the colors you use make sense together. You should also research color psychology since colors trigger certain emotions. In addition, the colors you use should essentially match your brand.

Incorporate Social Share Buttons

If your website has a blog and there are not social share buttons on each post, then you have a problem. Each blog post should feature these buttons so that your visitors can easily help build your brand awareness without also contributing to your overall bounce rate. If a reader has to click off of your site to share a post, then your conversion rate is going to suffer. Plus, the sharing buttons will help to remind your readers that they can share your blogs, as many people may not think about it to begin with.

There are so many more web design and development tips that can improve your bounce rate than those listed above. Reach out to a web development service for more assistance.