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There aren't many things that make me mad, but when it comes to running a company, few things are more frustrating to me than lazy employees. A few months ago I started keeping closer tabs on my workers, and it became immediately clear that there were some team members that didn't care at all about things like productivity, saving money, and doing the right thing. I wanted to do something to correct the situation, so I started honing our processes, holding more team meetings, and perfecting the processes. This blog is all about streamlining your company and making things right.



Streamlining Your Company

Meaningful Advice For Those Looking To Become Poets

by Elmer Johnson

If you fancy yourself a good writer, one form of writing you may want to get into is poetry. It lets you express your ideas and style of writing in such a unique way. If you're just getting started, here is some useful advice. 

Study Poetry

Before you even begin to write your own poetry, you might just want to study this art form for a period of time. You can find poets from different backgrounds, for example, a Puerto Rican poet, and really examine their works. Then you can develop a better appreciation for poetry as a whole and eventually create a foundation to build off of.

You can study poetry just on your own or do so in a formal way by enrolling in a class. You just want to immerse yourself in as much poetry as you can because then you'll have a better time creating your own pieces that have a big impact on readers. 

Focus on Personal Experiences

If you're looking for some impactful subject matter to base your poems on, then you might want to start out with some personal experiences. A lot of poets do this because it lets them write from a place of passion.

Think back in your life about past events or moments that shaped you, and then you can make them the central focus of some of your initial poems. You'll find it easier to infuse personality and depth into these poems since the subject matter is extremely close to home.

Keep Using Different Poetic Devices

One of the great things about poetry is there are so many poetic devices that you can play around with. Some of these include alliteration, allegories, allusions, repetition, similes, and metaphors. The trick when first getting into poetry writing is using new devices all the time.

Then you'll be able to flex your poetry writing muscle because you're constantly exposing yourself to new ways to format poetry. Eventually, you may find several that you particularly like and then you can focus on them more. They may potentially become signature elements that you become known for over time.

There are a lot of great poets today and those who made their mark in the past. If you're looking to do the same, there are a lot of tactics you can try to build your poetry writing skills over time. Just stay dedicated and write from a place of excitement.