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Streamlining Your Company

Tips For Anyone Staying At A Bed And Breakfast

by Elmer Johnson

Staying at a bed and breakfast can be a uniquely enjoyable experience. It usually feels more personal than staying in a hotel, and the atmosphere tends to be more comfortable and cozy, too. However, if this is the first time you'll be staying in a bed and breakfast, there are some tips you may benefit from following.

Be prepared to share a bathroom. 

Some bed and breakfasts have en-suite bathrooms with every bedroom, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, you are paying to rent out a bedroom, and you share the bathroom with guests who are renting out other bedrooms. Be prepared for this. Pack a robe that you can wear between the bathroom and your bedroom. Bring a shower caddy or pouch that you can keep your toiletries in during your stay so that you don't leave them scattered in the bathroom and in other guests' way.

If you have food restrictions, ask about the menu.

If you have food allergies or cannot eat certain foods, it's polite to call ahead and ask about the breakfast menu. Many bed and breakfast owners will be happy to cater to your specific dietary needs if they can. Or, they may reassure you that the foods you are allergic to will not appear on their breakfast menu. Calling ahead helps prevent a "surprise" situation in which you discover you can't eat anything at breakfast and have not made alternative plans.

Pay close attention to check-in times.

Unlike at a hotel where you can basically check in any time after a certain hour, bed and breakfasts often have defined check-in hours because they are run by a few people or one person. Check what these hours are ahead of time so you can plan your arrival accordingly. For instance, if a bed and breakfast allows check-in between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, plan on arriving during those hours. The owner probably has other obligations and things to do, and you don't want your late or early arrival to thwart their schedule. If you'll have trouble arriving during standard, open hours, call ahead and tell the host well in advance. They can often make exceptions, but the earlier you ask for one, the better.

Staying at a bed and breakfast will often be easier and more enjoyable if you follow the tips above. If you have any other concerns, call the bed and breakfast you plan on staying at, and ask.

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