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There aren't many things that make me mad, but when it comes to running a company, few things are more frustrating to me than lazy employees. A few months ago I started keeping closer tabs on my workers, and it became immediately clear that there were some team members that didn't care at all about things like productivity, saving money, and doing the right thing. I wanted to do something to correct the situation, so I started honing our processes, holding more team meetings, and perfecting the processes. This blog is all about streamlining your company and making things right.



Streamlining Your Company

    Why You Should Have A Drinking Water Filtration System Installed For Your Company

    As the owner of a business, no matter how big or small, you want to make sure that you are always striving to make improvements. This applies to your business model and to the work environment for your employees. One good upgrade to make would be to purchase and install on of drinking water filtration systems that are available in your area. Sure, this can be an added expense, but after reading through the following information you may see just how worth it it can really be.

    Signs That Your Guitar Needs a Neck Adjustment or Repair

    If you have just started learning how to play guitar, then you probably know some of the basics of how your guitar functions. And, you probably understand when your guitar sounds slightly off. This blog discusses a few of the things that suggest your guitar requires a repair or an adjustment to the neck. Keep reading to learn what these signs are. Inconsistent Action You may raise or lower the height of the strings against the fretboard according to your playing needs and your desire for a specific sound.

    Going Before The Board: Prepping Your Office Building For A Shareholder Meeting

    When a shareholder meeting is imminent, you want to make sure your building is in the best shape possible. This may mean hiring extra janitorial services to help every inch of your office building shine. Here are some considerations to take into account as you prep for this important meeting. Window Cleaning While the shareholders may not visit every room in the building, they will likely wan to tour some areas.

    Run A Busy Call Center? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Cloud Predictive Dialers

    If you run a busy call center, you want to do everything you can to ensure your customers are pleased with your services. One way you can do this is to choose to use cloud predictive dialers. There are many benefits of choosing a cloud predictive dialer, three of which are listed below. Increase Call Volume A cloud predictive dialer system automatically dials numbers for your call center employees to increase their call volume.

    Rules To Keep In Mind When Applying Your Own Spray Foam

    The great thing about insulation is that you can never add too much. Spray foam insulation will improve the efficiency of your home each time you add it. However, when you are adding spray foam insulation, there are still some mistakes you can make that you should be aware of.  Don't Focus Too Much on the R-Value Make sure to not focus only on the R-value. The R-value of your spray foam insulation determines how much it will insulate your home.

    The Smart Way To Bet On Sports

    If you are someone who loves to bet on sports, then it is a good idea to make sure that you do iso analytically and not just rely on emotion. While sports can be something really enjoyable, and there is certainly a lot of emotion involved, you don't want to wager money with emotion. This is a classic error. Most of the smart money (the term for professional sports betters) know that you want to bet with your head and not your heart.

    3 Reasons To Use A Queue Management System In Your Pawn Shop

    If you operate a pawn shop, you might have a lot of customers who come in and want to sell or get loans on their items. Having a queue management system to help you with keeping track of the customers who are waiting is smart. Customer queue management systems can be helpful in pawn shops for these reasons. 1. Avoid Getting Confused It's easy to get confused when you have a lot of customers waiting to meet with you in your pawn shop.

    Creating Holiday Invites That Won't Spoil The Party

    The perfect holiday bash begins with a great invitation. Guests are often very busy during this time of the season, and including the right details on your holiday invitations will leave a great impression and make their lives easier. Let Guests Know If They Must RSVP When you send an invitation, make sure to clarify if you will be requiring that those who receive the invite RSVP. That way, you can know how many people you can count on attending and you'll have a much easier time planning holiday festivities.